Monday, June 18, 2007

With these words - we send you out into the world !

Banquet for the shanna betters was a lavish affair ! There was everything you could imagine in a banquet - food, inspiration, food party hats, food, in short, everything !

At the the real Shanna Bet Banquet (not pictured so as not to flaunt the fancy catered affair, tzniyus, you know. ) Rabbi Sharfman gave words of chizzuk and vision.

Part of his message to the graduating students focused on how we accomplish goals in our life and what role siyaata dishmaaya plays.

And the best news is ... it's the newest added shiur on the right taskbar !

Listen and enjoy !

Hope you're having a great summer !

- Regards from BTI


Shira K. said...

mazal tov you girls (can i especially especially those of you i know well!?) Nah, mazel tov equally to everyone. hatzlacha raba. and p.s. did anyone save my Rebbetzin Aunt Sharfman's popcorn for me? bring me back some will ya? jk.

Anonymous said...

omg, were sooo cute!!!!! i miss you guys so much!
love tamar (Gafni)