Sunday, June 10, 2007

Banquet Series Part II

The Best Medicine ...

As always, to balance out the seriousness, the BTI Banquet is resplendent with humor. This year was no exception. The sister tag team of Miri & Liba Loeb kept up a lineup of humor that had us rolling out of our seats and into the aisles !
Pictured here is Liba getting some last minute advice from Rabbi Kahane on exactly how the upcoming jokes would affect the kabbalsitic powers of spirituality in the room.

The skits were a rousing success - as you can see !

The real challenge, however, was for Rabbi Sharfman to try to keep a straight face while Shoshi Goldstein returned for an encore of her arab cabdriver routine ( with Rabbi Borinstien portraying a shana alef'er ). We were all pleased to see Rabbi Borinstein's character give up on her several boyfriends and in general mature. The cabbie, though, seemd to be getting worse - he actually sold a wife ( Sara Manasseh ) and made it onto the CIA's most wanted list, again.

And so we wish the cabdriver the best of luck and bid continued hatzlacha to all.

Still to come - banquet part III, IV and beyond !

in the meantime ...

- regards from BTI


Shira K. said...

oh how funny!!!! i wish i cud see it, halevai! clean humor.
cud we get the script? lol

shani gluck said...

miri and liba,
its shani, shira and temima,and we cant wait for u to come home!!
have a safe trip :)