Sunday, June 3, 2007

It's the end of world as we know it ....

The last day of classes is upon us ! Aieeeeeeeeeeee !

End of the year sentiments are always tearful. We've had reports of students crying (unsubstantiated - but probably true) even teachers (Rabbi Borinstein, you're just a big softie!)

In particular, Mrs Haymann ( BTI '90-'07) was seen dabbing several tears off her face while saying "I just want to teach them all summer, is that so wrong ?".

[editor's note - In reality, when approached for a quote Mrs. Haymann said "whoohoo" but we thought that the aforementioned was nicer to put in]

I think the real feeling of the day was best expressed by Sarah Bain ( BTI '05 - '07 ) and Tamar Gafni ( BTI '05-'07 ) "There are some alumni out there who have really made it - they were able to really stay strong" "I really hope I can be one of those people".

[editor's note - "really"]

- Regards from BTI


Raachel (Stareshefsky) Lewis said...

To all of the girls who are finishing their year or two years at Sharfmans,
I left in 1992, and I HAVE made it....and so have all of my friends...who I still keep in touch with! They are my most important friends. You have learned and done so much during your time in Israel. And you will be able to keep it with you and use it in your future life. We would have all loved to stay for more time, but one needs to 'keep moving in a positive direction'. And sometimes that means being in a place where we can use what we have learned to make ourselves and klal yisrael better.
Raachel (Stareshefsky) Lewis

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Hayman was crying? I don't think soo!
Lyndsey Roller

Anonymous said...

YOU CAN DO IT TAMAR AND SARA! america is all in what you make it!!! There are so many choshuv people to get attatched to ! and so many shiurim and chessed opportunities! if you want to talk any time please call me and/or email me i love you both. -Michelle (

Anonymous said...

I made it in!!!!!!!!
- Tamar Gafni