Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Banquet Series Part I

Flash, Work, Transcendence.

Those were the ringing words of inspiration from our very own Leiku Perles. In an emotionally charged speech, Leiku postulated that life is a series of challenges that take this pattern. Flash - the initial inspiration and motivation behind any project that we choose to undertake. Work - the day-in-and-day-out grind that has to happen before our dream can become reality; the actual making it happen. Finally, Transcendence- the incorporation of this accomplishment into ourselves. A moving on, if you will, without leaving it all behind.

"Our year in Israel", she said, "takes this form."
"The flash was when we decided to come here, to Sharfman's".
"Mine took place when speaking to a friend. I challenged her, 'What do I have to lose by not going to Israel - nothing!' "
"You have everything to lose", she replied, "you have yourself to lose"
"Then the work."
"The months of classes, projects and Beis Medrash that forced us to live up to that flash.
Finally, the transcendence. Taking this year and re-creating ourselves to include all we've gained."

"However, we can also see the greater cycle. This whole year is a great big flash. We have made a decision to live a certain type of life, the life of an eved Hashem. The work comes when we get off that plane and move on with life. And the transcendence, that is the final transcendence from this world."

Inspiring words ... a challenge for all of us to take to heart.

- Regards from BTI


Anonymous said...

hey everyone, naomi here, i just wanted to say that speech made a really deep impact on me and i think we can all learn from what leiku had to say...

Shira K. said...

Ppsssshhh!wow, amazing concept. just dont forget to write it down for yourself in a place where you can review it and tap into it every so often (more often than not). I find Rabbi Sharfman quotes the same way; dont wait for the yetzer hara to pounce you unawares, you have to keep in shape- thats spiritually just as much as physically!
i wish you guys sooo soo much hatzlacha. If Mrs Lehrfield would let I'd say I was jealous- that fresh feeling is so "geshmack". but the truth is, as you grow from the Torah in sharf's and you build on top of it, and you remain grateful to Rabbi Sharfman and your teachers for everything they've given you (and as time lapses frm your leaving Sharf's, I hope you'll realize it more and more), man oh man, having a kesher with Hashem is soo amazing and it gets better almost almost every day.
Hatzlacha raba!
Shira K. (02-03)