Thursday, May 17, 2007

I know it seems backwards ...

I know it seems backwards that a symposium on tzniyus should be publicized ... but we'll do it with subtlety and taste.
This annual event here at BTI is an in depth look at a topic that focuses on the shallow ( or rather on how to avoid shallowness in our personal conduct ).
A highlight of the symposium ( or "yom iyun" as we call it ) is the panel that is addressed with all sorts of questions.
We caught up with Mrs. Chana Silver, the event's organizer, while drinking her second cup of coffee ( "only two so far", she mentioned, before sheepishly adding "it's only 10:30, though.").
"This yom iyun is fantastic !" she said " it's really enlightening to discover the many different dimensions of tzniyus - it's really a way of life as opposed to a dress code."
Mati Buchsbaum ( BTI '05-'06, '06-'07 ) pondered aloud "I really appreciate the new self awareness I'm learning - the lectures are interesting and thought provoking." Whereupon a nearby student commented - "provoking ? I thought you were gonna say provocative - that would be totally against the point !"
Other common quotes by students were :
"great", "amazing", "incredible" and, of course, "Hey, Breakfast is great !"

ahhhh life at BTI goes on - just like you remember it ....

- Regards from BTI

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